Dutch Oven Thermometer – Celsius.

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Dutch Oven Thermometer - Celsius.

Dutch Oven Thermometer – Celsius.

  • Great for any hot surface
  • Stainless steel
  • Hand washable
  • No more guessing how long your food will take to cook
  • Made in USA

Product Description

This versatile little high-temperature thermometer is so handy and useful for cooking! Use it on the outside surface of your Dutch Oven. Use it on your flat griddle. Great for any hot surface. Stainless steel. Internal magnet keeps it in place. Hand washable (do not use in automatic dishwashers). Available in Celsius temperature scale only. High quality manufacture. Made in USA. Culinary purists that grow and grind their own spices and butcher their own game are joining veteran campers in falling prey to the allure of open hearth cooking for the intense flavors it produces. While learning to master the techniques of flame and ember cooking, the Dutch Oven Thermometer will ensure your cooking temperatures are spot on and you’ll never have to guess if your venison roast will take two hours or six hours to reach perfection! .

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Dutch Oven Thermometer – Celsius.